Everyone's Asleep Lyrics




Everyone's asleep,

Everyone but me,

And I can't help feel like I'm doing this by myself,

[Verse #1]

I took the long road,

They'd had enough,

Walking on seashells,

My feet are cut,

I'm on another planet now.

[Verse #2]

No sign of females,

I'm out of luck,

Making up details,

Don't give a fuck,

And I'm so frustrated now.


[Verse #3]

Another morning,

I'm feeling rough,

Forget the warning,

I'm getting up,

And it's so complicated now

It's how my mind works baby, oh

Set off the fireworks baby, no

[Chorus x2]


By myself (oooh wee oooh wee oooh wee oooooh)


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